It’s a relatively minor joke, but one that intensified an off-the-wall notion I had while watching the episode: the plot bears a few connections to Ken Kesey’s (author of One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest) famous 60s hippie odyssey, in which some of the most prominent personalities of the psychedelic vanguard druggied and philandered their way across the country in a retrofitted schoolbus dubbed ‘Furthur.’ In a lot of ways, that trip set the template for what road trips could and should be, but what drives the association even further home is Giuseppe’s fate later in the episode.”

Normally, AT theories annoy me for blowing some things way out of proportion or for being outright silly (WHAT IF FINN’S NEW ARM IS JAKE?).

Except when it’s my theory. And it involves psychedelic hippie road trips. And explains what the hell Giuseppe was.

Overthinking this and every other episode here.


Sleaford Mods - From Rags to Richards

I’m a connoisseur. I’ve conned you sir.

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"And as much fun as there is to poke, I’d still like to say there is a genuine, electrocutionary inspiration emanating from the Cagehead that spurs these artists on, that touches shoulders and says its alright to get nuts once in a while. Or hell, all the goddamn time."

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#bunny #noir #blackandwhite

#bunny #noir #blackandwhite

"It isn’t about an evil landlord and an unsuspecting tenant, it’s about people with differing views as to how the world runs, and how one can run with it. Not that all landlords treat their tenants like fathers that need to be schooled, but more to say that the runners in the rat race must run because they see the race, whereas the Jakes in the world don’t, and so they don’t run—they don’t job hunt, they make ocarinas instead."

Overthinking this and every other episode here.

Check out my interview with Cory Johnson, the artist behind the most intense video game tribute album I’ve ever heard:

" I used the No Country for Old Men sample because I wanted something to touch on Ness and his relationship with his father—who I’m trying to frame in this alternative narrative as having passed away, scarring Ness and causing him to pretty much hallucinate the actual events in the game."

Seriously, if you’re at all into Earthbound, Explosions in the Sky, or Godspeed You! Black Emperor, you have to check it out. And it’s fucking pay as you can (but really, this guy puts a lot into’em, throw in your buck!)